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Our swimming pool maintenance team will keep your Costa Brava swimming pool clean, healthy, and in excellent condition all year round, ready to use whenever the mood takes you! Regular maintenance will save you both water and money in the long run.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

On the surface(!), swimming pool maintenance seems straightforward: fishing out leaves with a net and ensuring the correct balance of Ph, alkaline, chlorine, calcium, etc. But there is a lot more to it than that.

There is the weather to factor in, too – one thunderstorm can turn your water green! Swimming pool water can also become “saturated”, at which point chemicals are no longer effective, and the only option then is to empty the pool and refill it. This is not ideal due to the current drought situation and the cost of water in Spain, but at least while the pool is empty, we can take the opportunity to clean it with a high-pressure spray and fix any loose tiles.

We ensure a clean and healthy pool, ready to use all year round, with maintenance as often as required. We also have extensive experience installing swimming pools and jacuzzis, and we can advise you about which of the many different types of pools or jacuzzis would best suit your Costa Brava property. We can also help you decide between a chlorine or a saltwater pool, as each may have its advantages and disadvantages depending on your property and type of pool.

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One of the most basic tasks of swimming pool maintenance is one that many begin by thinking they can do themselves – the regular sand filter and pre-filter cleaning, emptying skimmer baskets, sand vacuuming, and surface cleaning of leaves and pine needles, etc. – but it often ends up becoming a source of real frustration. Our team are specialists and have plenty of experience, plus all the right tools, to ensure these tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively.

General Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is cheaper than repairs in the long run, and there are lots of savings to be made by using a professional pool service company. Equipment and surfaces will last longer with proper water balance and associated chemicals, plus regular upkeep of pumps will ensure any issues are identified as quickly as they occur and remedial action is taken before items seize up or fail altogether, requiring expensive equipment replacement. 

Our maintenance service includes checking chlorine or salt levels and, equally as importantly, the pH (acidity) and alkalinity values. If the pH value is too high, your chlorine is not having its intended effect, and if it is too low, it can cause eye or skin irritation for swimmers. Alkalinity helps to prevent pH values from fluctuating, but too much alkalinity means pH values are harder to control and can also cause limescale build-up. Maintaining both at the correct levels means your swimming pool’s water will be softer and odourless.

A jacuzzi with a view! Pure luxury!


Apart from the regular swimming pool maintenance, another important factor that can be a challenge for anyone with a pool on their property here on the Costa Brava – particularly for those whose main home is abroad – is keeping up to date with changing Spanish legislation regarding the use and storage of chemicals. At callCarlos, that’s just part of our day job! So give yourself additional peace of mind knowing that not only will you and your guests have a clean and functioning pool whenever you decide to spend time here, but also that any changing legislation and pool owner obligations will be brought to your attention straight away.

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